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Byron P. Alterman, Esq.
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About the Firm:

Byron P. Alterman LLC was founded by Byron Alterman in 2009 in Atlanta, Georgia to provide value based commercial real estate services for all types of transactions. Byron began his career at a large law firm in Atlanta, Georgia. Over the course of his career, he has worked with a wide variety of clients, ranging from some of the largest real estate retailers and owners in the United States to single store owners, single building owners, and multi unit franchisees. Byron has gained more than fifteen years of experience with all aspects of commercial real estate, including large and small leases, loans, purchase and sale agreements, and private ordinances. Byron founded his firm to offer value and experience to his clients, combining big firm experience with small firm service. Byron is a frequent speaker with the International Counsel of Shopping Centers (“ICSC”) law conference and has previously served as the co-chair of the ICSC Continuing Education series in Georgia and the chair of the ICSC Southeastern Conference.

About Byron Alterman:

Byron Alterman, a native of Atlanta, Georgia, grew up in a family that owned retail grocery stores across the Southeast where he saw the retailing industry first hand. Soon after receiving his undergraduate degree from University of Wisconsin in Madison, he began his career in the real estate industry in Atlanta. He gained early experience in a law firm where his main area of work focused on closings for a large home improvement store and reviewing title matters related to these closings. It was here that he decided to specialize in commercial real estate.

Byron graduated from William Mitchell College of Law in St. Paul, Minnesota. He worked for the retail leasing and commercial real estate practice group of Arnall Golden Gregory in Atlanta, Georgia where he gained experience in all facets of shopping center legal work. In 2009, Byron created the firm of Byron P. Alterman LLC to service the changing needs of the clients in the commercial real estate industry through a more flexible law firm model. Byron has maintained strong relationships with counsel for national retailers and national developers and property owners. Because of his extensive experience in the retail shopping center industry, he can efficiently complete and advise on all aspects of a transaction.